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Light and Time Design Studio offers a complete line of casting services for the artist. Most foundries offer only one option, bronze. We on the other hand can provide the sculptor with a full line of options not normally offered at most foundries.

Cold cast mediums are available for prototypes, marketing research and low end production run sculpture. Cold cast bronze, cast stone, cast marble, are just a few of the cold cast mixes we offer.

We offer the sculptor the availability of of web site referrals, links and marketing. Our company does not charge commissions or fee on sales generated by us, if the sculpture was produced in our facility.

Technical information, supplies, and addresses to select product manufactures, may be obtained through our
web site or by e-mail. Our facility also offers web site design, digital photography, and image editing, for our clients.

We are a small production facility owned and operated by artist. By staying small and maintaining a low
overhead, our price structure has not climbed out of sight. Whatever your needs are, Light and Time Design will work with you in producing quality art at affordable prices.

We use only the highest grades of silicone in the production of our molds. These molds offer outstanding library life and may be used with resin casting as well as wax. While silicone is not the least expensive molding material on the market, it is by far the best for consistent production runs, using resin based castings.

A special In House Blend of pattern wax is used to produce patterns that maintain the detail of the original sculpture with minimal shrinkage in the cast pattern. We offer the sculptor the opportunity to chase their own patterns before casting.

                                 CASTING MEDIUMS
Casting mediums include Bronze, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cold Cast Bronze, and Resin. This selection offers the artist the opportunity to produce his sculpture in several different mediums, all from one source.

You have a choice of Patinas: Hot (Acids), Cold (Dyes & Paints). We work with the artist in not only producing an effective patina but one that will also stand the test of time. Our cold cast line is cast in a base color and transparent dyes are overlaid to produce a finished product.

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Light and Time Design Studio while recommending specific products and / or methods assumes no liability for their use!!

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